Our mission is to provide good quality, professional and tailored advice, which ensures that you have the most suitable product for your circumstances.

Our two key areas of expertise are outlined below:


Whether Buy to Let,  Residential or Commercial we will match our clients to the most suitable product for their individual circumstances.

We can also advise generally whether a property type is going to be suitable for a mortgage but this needs to be confirmed by the lenders surveyor before a mortgage is granted.

Mortgage process

Below is a generic description of the mortgage application process. Not all lenders work in the same way and there are some differences between  buy to let, residential and commercial applications. We would advise if you require the stages with your lender for your property.

  1. Initial enquiry this is usually carried out by telephone. At this point we will advise in general terms whether what you are looking to do is possible and whether in general terms it fits current lenders criteria.
  2. Fact find this will be carried out normally by email and telephone if its a particularly complicated scenario we can meet you if you are in London or in Central Scotland to discuss face to face.
  3. Recommendation from us on which mortgage product and lender is most suitable based on the information we have gathered in the factfind.
  4. Once you are happy with the product we would then approach the appropriate lender for a decision in principle.
  5. If the lender is happy and the decision in principle is a yes we would then proceed to full application.
  6. Lender requests documents and once processed instructs valuation.
  7. Once valuation is carried out final underwrite from lender and if all is well mortgage offer produced.
  8. Mortgage offer is sent to the conveyancer from lender who draws down the funds and distributes accordingly.

At some point in the mortgage process we will normally meet a client face to face to collect identification documents.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate all forms of buy to let mortgages and some commercial mortgages.


Also known as life insurance, we advise on mortgage protection, life protection and family protection to ensure that if the worst does happen, you and your family are protected from financial difficulty.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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