Bridging Loans

We’re able to offer you specialist advice for both commercial and residential markets and have access to a wide range of loan providers, ranging from high street banks to small private investors. 

We don't just arrange your bridging loan, but also to the best of our ability ensure the loan is tailored to meet your individual circumstances, ensuring you understand all the procedures and costs of the process up front. We search the market for you to find the most competitive rate available regardless of whether the bridging loan is small or large, or where the property is located.

What service do we offer?

We will discuss in detail with you all aspects of what you are looking to do - we take into account your profile, the property profile, how quickly you need the funds and your exit strategy.

Once we have that information we will search the market and recommend the most suitable lender.

We can also as mortgage brokers advise you on the most suitable exit lenders.

What should you do next?

Either call us on 0845 5190327 to talk directly with a broker or alternatively email

Secured and unsecured loans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are a broker and not a lender.

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We search for the best deal for your circumstances; We take care of all the paperwork; We make it easy to get the right mortgage.

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